Blue-Collar Return

It’s been almost four years to the day since I was trundling pointlessly around on London’s buses and here I am, the wrong side of 40 with an extra child and no closer to paying off a terrifying mortgage.

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Back in the Game

*wipes dust, taps mic* Hello? Is this thing still on? Ahem, right, well here we are. How are you? It’s been a while. I have some news. I’m going back on the buses. Tomorrow, in fact. April 19. My last bus report was April 27, 2012 and now […]


So here we are

It’s been a while. Anyone who follows me on twitter will have witnessed my wobble today. I pondered quitting this blog. The idea of it lying dormant for weeks as I struggled to find the time to get out on the buses has been troubling me. There is […]


Bus Tops

When I was eight I spent an entire summer writing down the number-plates of all the cars parked in our small tourist town on the Norfolk coast.